About Us

       The Barak Valley Skill Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting skill development and empowerment in the Barak Valley region of Assam, India. The foundation aims to bridge the gap between education and employment by providing vocational training and creating opportunities for the local youth.

     The Barak Valley region, comprising the three districts of Cachar, Karimganj, and Hailakandi, is known for its rich cultural heritage and natural resources. However, it has faced socio-economic challenges, including high unemployment rates and limited access to quality education and training. Recognizing the need for skill development to uplift the community, the Barak Valley Skill Foundation was established.

The foundation offers a range of skill development programs in collaboration with various industry partners and government agencies. These programs cover a wide array of sectors, including healthcare, hospitality, tourism, information technology, agriculture, and handicrafts. The courses are designed to provide both technical skills and soft skills, equipping the participants with the necessary tools to succeed in their chosen fields.  

     One of the key initiatives of the Barak Valley Skill Foundation is its training centers, strategically located across the region. These centers are equipped with modern facilities and qualified trainers who deliver practical and theoretical training to the enrolled students. The foundation also focuses on providing entrepreneurship development programs to encourage self-employment and small business initiatives among the youth.

     Apart from training, the Barak Valley Skill Foundation actively engages in job placement activities. It collaborates with local industries, corporations, and organizations to identify employment opportunities for the trained candidates. The foundation also conducts job fairs and networking events, connecting job seekers with potential employers, thereby facilitating a smoother transition from training to employment.
     In addition to its skill development programs, the Barak Valley Skill Foundation also emphasizes the importance of community engagement and social impact. It organizes awareness campaigns, workshops, and seminars on various topics related to skill development, career counseling, and entrepreneurship. These activities aim to inspire and motivate the youth while creating a positive environment for their growth.
     The Barak Valley Skill Foundation has been successful in transforming the lives of many individuals in the region. By providing skill-based education and connecting the youth with job opportunities, the foundation has contributed to reducing unemployment rates and empowering the local community. It has not only enhanced the employability of the youth but also spurred economic development in the region.
     In conclusion, the Barak Valley Skill Foundation is an organization dedicated to fostering skill development, entrepreneurship, and socio-economic empowerment in the Barak Valley region of Assam. Through its comprehensive programs, the foundation strives to equip the youth with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead successful and fulfilling lives while contributing to the growth and development of their communities.


Our Vision

The vision of the Barak Valley Skill Foundation is to empower the youth of the Barak Valley region with relevant skills and knowledge, enabling them to thrive in a rapidly evolving world and contribute to the socio-economic development of their communities.

     The foundation envisions a future where every individual in the Barak Valley has access to quality skill development opportunities, irrespective of their background or circumstances. It aims to bridge the gap between education and employment, ensuring that the youth are equipped with the skills required to succeed in the modern workforce.

      The foundation aspires to create a vibrant ecosystem of skill development in the Barak Valley, where industry, government, and educational institutions collaborate seamlessly to address the region’s skill gaps. It envisions strong partnerships with local industries and organizations to ensure that the training programs offered align with the evolving needs of the job market.


The Barak Valley Skill Foundation envisions a society where entrepreneurship is encouraged and nurtured. It aims to foster an environment that inspires and supports aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary guidance, mentorship, and resources to start and sustain successful businesses. The foundation believes that entrepreneurship can not only generate employment opportunities but also drive innovation and economic growth in the region.           

      Additionally, the foundation envisions a Barak Valley community that values and appreciates the importance of skill development. It aims to create awareness and change mindsets, encouraging individuals to embrace lifelong learning and skills upgrading. By promoting a culture of continuous skill development, the foundation seeks to empower individuals to adapt to changing industry trends and technological advancements.

    The Barak Valley Skill Foundation’s vision extends beyond the acquisition of technical skills. It recognizes the significance of holistic development, including the cultivation of soft skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. The foundation envisions nurturing well-rounded individuals who possess not only the technical know-how but also the interpersonal skills and resilience necessary to thrive in the professional world.
    Ultimately, the vision of the Barak Valley Skill Foundation is to create a future where the youth of the Barak Valley region are empowered, self-reliant, and capable of contributing meaningfully to the growth and development of their communities. By providing quality skill development programs, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting a culture of lifelong learning, the foundation aims to transform lives, uplift the region, and create a positive impact on society as a whole.